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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Staff

Class 2G: Miss Perry and Mrs Burke. 

Class 2R: Mrs Hayden and Mrs Tricker

Class 2B: Mrs Wright and Mrs Milton

Summer Term 2. 

It's going to be very busy! 


Children must bring sun hats and water bottles. Please ensure both of these items are named clearly. School policy states that shoes must have toes covered for safety reasons. 

We recommend that your child changes their reading at least once a week. It is great that some children are changing their books more frequently. 

We have a singing concert at Tutbury Castle to look forward to as well as our end of year Summer concert. We have started learning the songs already!

Year 1 and 2 Sports Day will be on 20th June at 10.30am. 

We will be having an open afternoon on Monday 17th July at 3.30pm. This is a lovely opportunity to visit your child's new classroom ready for September. 


Sail the 7 seas Topic - Spring Term 1

The children really enjoyed the Homework project this holiday and many families had fun researching an island. We continue to be delighted by the many innovative and creative ways you work together to show your learning. Well done!

We have launched our project with a shipwrecked carousel of activities. Children had to think carefully about which items they migt need to take from their sinking ship and why! They needed to consider the properties of the materials.

The children have enjoyed looking at seacapes by famous artists and trying to recreate one of their own.

We conitnue to work hard on the basics of spelling and handwriting. Please help your child whenever you can to practise their weekly spellings. Be sneaky and ask them to write a few from previous weeks too to check they have remembered them.

We are encouraging the children with cursive writing and it is going well!

Tis week we have been learning about the 4 types of sentence.

Ask your child if they can tell you one of each.

Question Can you pull the handle to open the door?
Statement I can see a dog.
Command Sit down now.
Exclamation What a great day that was! ( Must start with how or what and contain a verb)

Building reading resilience.

We love learning!


We have had an exciting start to the year and we have been impressed with how quickly the children have settled back in to their learning. 


Today we faced a series of challenges. We had to use lots of skills to complete them.

We had to:

  • Design
  • Collaborate
  • Compare
  • Create
  • Ask questions

We showed resilience. We were resourceful and we knew when to benefit from reciprocity. We reflected on our achievements.

  1. I worked with a group to build an Eiffel Tower from junk. It needed to have an arch for a teddy to walk underneath.
  2. I designed and made a frame for my Mona Lisa photo. It needed to be the right size for the picture.
  3. I drew the Eiffel Tower after looking very carefully at the structures onto a skyline I had prepared earlier.
  4. I made an Eiffel Tower using straws trying hard to think about using straight pieces.


Year 2

Fame Challenge Day

First we were given a list of items that would be useful on a long journey.

Next we had to rank them in order of importance. This was tricky as our whole group had to agree!

Then we were told that we were going to space!!! We had to change our lists because phones wouldnt work in space!

Then we had to think of the qualities of an astronaut and we designed a poster to advertise for one.

We then wrote the interview questions and selected the best person for the job!

We had a great time.

Lights Camel Action

We are busy preparing for our Christmas show and we are getting the hang of where to go on the stage and when to say our words and do our dances! There is lots to remember but we are getting there!

We think our Mums and Dads will like it and we think a few will need their tissues!

Golden Time

PHSE Jigsaw Challenge

Can you work together to make the jigsaw in 15 minutes?


Useful Websites. 


Phonics play

Oxford Reading Owl Library

ICT English Games



ICT Maths Games

BBC Bitesize

Topmarks Maths

Useful Information

PE Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure all children have a named indoor and outdoor PE kits in school. Earrings must be removed and hair tied back. 

Reading- Your child will have a designated day to return and change their reading books. Children can change their books more frequently if they wish- we just ask that you record a response in the reading diary first.  

Spellings - A half termly list of spellings have already been sent home. Our quiz will be every Friday. 

Maths - If we feel your child needs specific support on a concept we will send something home to help.


Family Learning Topic Projects - We might send home special projects each half term to introduce our new topics....Watch this space!