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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Reception Lockdown 2021

Check back here every day for the day's lessons.  Each day we will upload-

  • a video maths lesson and activities.
  • a video phonics lesson and activities.
  • a video story
  • a wake up shake up

   and other fun activities. 

Please click 'Read More' on the relevant day below.  As we are unable to send reading books home, please use the Oxford Owl website, register and access the ebooks.  If you are unsure of your child's reading level please email your class teacher.

Our  Phonics play log in is as follows

Username - williams  Password - tigger

Our Espresso log in is as follows

Username - student27621  Password - coding

Twinkl have developed Twinkl Go.  You must register for a free account and sign in to access lots of great quality games and activities to help with home learning.

Monday's links (25/01/21) Snow Day

Have some fun in the snow! 

Listen to a good morning message from Mrs Pearson!

Wake and Shake - Cosmic Kids Yoga (Frozen Themed)


  • Can you write letters in the snow? 
  • Can you write words in the snow? 
  • Can you write a secret snow message? 
  • Can you write your name in the snow? 

Maths - Snow Towers and Snow Sculpture

Challenge - Can you build a snow creation or sculpture? Please take a photo of your sculpture with you next to it and see if you can make it taller than you. Send in your photos to your class teacher and the winner will get a PRIZE! 

Snow Day related activities: 

You could use our Snow Day bingo mat or choose as many of the activities below to have a go at (Google Drive). 

  • Dress up in some warm clothes. 
  • Build a snowman. 
  • Go sledging. 
  • Throw a snowball at a target. 
  • Make a snow angel. 
  • Build a blanket fort to keep warm. 
  • Read a book with a snowy setting. 
  • Drink warm drinks. 
  • Feed the birds. 
  • Take a photograph so that you can cherish the memories of your snow day. 

Story - Snuggle up and listen to 'One Snowy Day', read by Mrs Kirk. 

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  • Tuesday 26th January 2021

    Published 22/01/21
    Hello Reception! We hope you had the best time playing in the snow yesterday. We are loving the photos and videos you have sent in so far. Please keep them coming as they really do make our day! Don't forget to let us know if you are not&
    Read More
  • Friday 22nd January 2021

    Published 21/01/21
    Hello Reception We are nearly at the end of another week of home learning.  Remember to start the day with our Yoga. Mrs Cornell will be recapping our sounds u, h, e and r and Mrs Pearson will be recapping zz, qu, th and ch.
    Read More
  • Thursday 21st January 2021

    Published 20/01/21
    Hello Reception Start your day with another yoga session. This time it's Frozen Yoga. Mrs Cornell is going to recap g, o, c and k. Learn all about 'ch' with Mrs Pearson. Mrs Rawlings will continue to help you find ou
    Read More
  • Wednesday 20th January 2021

    Published 19/01/21

    Good morning Reception!

    Start your learning off with another yoga session.  This time it is Fernando the Silver Fox.

    Mrs Cornell will be recapping i, n, m and d.

    Learn all about our new sound of the day with Mrs Pearson.

    Mrs Rawlings will continue to find out more about Magic Number 7  

    Have a go at singing the  Seven Days of the Week Song. Look at the attachment at the bottom of this page for the days of the week worksheet.  There is also a  number 7 number search. You will need to scroll down to the number 7 page. However you could print of all the  number searches and find the numbers we have looked at so far.  

    Mrs Hardwick is going to help you make a Factfile with the help of Espresso.  Don't forget to log in using student27621 and password coding.  This activity will take quite a long time and we expect you to carry it over to the next day.  Don't worry and don't forget to take a break.  Why not have a look at BBC Go Jetters for more information about your chosen country.

    Make sure you go back to Monday's learning page to practise reading one of our stories.  

    Have you ever helped your adult wash up?  Why not have a go.  What do the bubbles feel like?  Why do you think we add bubbles to the water?  How do you get rid of the food off the pots?  What else do you need to help you clean the pots?  Could you dry the pots up or put them away in the correct places.  Try and make sure the knives forks and spoons are in the correct places.  Do you wash up the same pots after each meal?

    Why not try helping your adult load and unload the dishwasher if you have one?  Where do the glasses or bowls go?  Why do we put different things in different places?  What happens for the pots to go in dirty and come out clean?  Can you find out?

    Get yourself a drink and a snack and sit on the sofa and listen to Mrs Rawlings read Little Teddy Left Behind.

    Read More
  • Tuesday 19th January 2021

    Published 18/01/21
    Hello Reception Today we are going to start our learning wake up routine with  Joybob the Polar Bear Yoga.  Find a space so you can stretch out carefully. Have a look at a recap of s, a, t and p with Mrs Cornell.  Try t
    Read More
  • Monday 18th January 2021

    Published 15/01/21
    Hello Reception Welcome to the 3rd week of our home learning.  This week we are going to have some Pedro the Penguin Yoga to wake our brains up ready for learning. Today in phonics you can recap phase 2 with Mrs Cornell
    Read More
  • Friday 15th January 2021

    Published 13/01/21
    Good morning Reception. It's our last day of the week so don't forget to get ready for learning with our Penguin Wake Up Shake Up. Let's start our phonics with our tricky words song and then recap all the Phase 3 letter
    Read More
  • Thursday 14th January 2021

    Published 13/01/21
    Welcome back for another day of learning. Don't forget to start your day with our Penguin Wake Up Shake Up.  Why not sing along to our tricky words song, it will help you recognise our tricky words. Mrs Cornell will be recapp
    Read More
  • Wednesday 13th January 2021

    Published 12/01/21
    Hello Reception are you ready for Wednesday's learning? Don't forget to start your day and wake your brain up with our Penguin Wake Up Shake Up. Today, Mrs Cornell will be recapping e, h, u and r sounds.  See if you
    Read More
  • Tuesday 12th January 2021

    Published 11/01/21
    Hello Reception, are you ready for your learning? Don't forget to start your learning with our Penguin Wake Up Shake Up.  Now you will be ready to learn. Have another listen to our story 'Lost and Found', by Oliver Je
    Read More
  • Monday 11th January 2021

    Published 08/01/21

    Hello and welcome back to another week of exciting learning and activities.  We are starting our new topic called 'It's Cold Outside'.

    Read More
  • Friday 8th January 2021

    Published 07/01/21
    Good morning! Don't forget to start your day with our Superhero Wake Up Shake Up. We are going to have a story read to you by Mrs Hardwick called None the Number. Phonics today is all about recapping some of our earlier letters
    Read More