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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Hello Reception are you ready for Wednesday's learning?

Don't forget to start your day and wake your brain up with our Penguin Wake Up Shake Up.

Today, Mrs Cornell will be recapping e, h, u and r sounds.  See if you can practise all of your phase 2 sounds as well.

Our new sound of the day is 'y'. Learn all about the 'y' sound with Mrs Pearson. Don't forget to download and print of the 'y' workbook at the bottom of this page.

Mrs Rawlings will be helping you learn more about number 6.  You will also need to listen to the story of 'Six Dinner Sid'.  It's a class favourite about a very greedy cat.

If you would like to listen to our Lost and Found story again please click here.

Mrs Hardwick will also be sharing our Lost and Found story with you so you can design and make your own 'Lost and Found' small world adventures.

We have two reading books for you today.  Our discussion book is  called 'Puddles' and our word book is called 'Pop!'.  Again if you aren't sure how to sound out the words and use the pictures go back to Monday's learning and click on 'At the concert' and 'Big Bad Bug'.

Find out about baby penguins at London Zoo.  Tell your adult what you can remember.  Your adult may need the espresso login details to access the link- 

username - student27621 password - coding

Finish off your day with the story of a very wonky donkey and his adventures with Mrs Rawlings below.



Please don't forget to email your teachers to show them your super home learning.