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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
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Monday 18th January 2021

Hello Reception

Welcome to the 3rd week of our home learning.  This week we are going to have some Pedro the Penguin Yoga to wake our brains up ready for learning.

Today in phonics you can recap phase 2 with Mrs Cornell.  Try and join in our Tricky words song and maybe you could try to write them down.  Mrs Pearson is going to teach you all about 'zz'. Can you spot where Mrs Pearson needs a little bit of help from you?

Today in reading, we are putting 5 different reading books on our page for you to share with your adult for the whole week.  Don't forget to look at the books you have already read and read them again.

The Big Box

Kipper's Phonics 2

Max's Rocket


Quick, Pedal!

Mrs Rawlings will introduce you to  Magic Number 7.  You will need to watch Numbertime Number 7 as well so don't forget to stop the video and come back.

Mrs Hardwick will help you write and think about the feelings of the characters in our Lost and Found story.

Could you be a great Reception Superhelper?  If your adult is doing the washing, ask what you can do to help.  Could you sort the washing into different colours?  Maybe you could pair all of the socks or even put the washing into family member piles?  Why not help put the washing away carefully?  A really tricky challenge - Can you put clothes on a coat hanger?  This will help with your fine motor skills.  Let us know how you get on.

Snuggle up and enjoy a story all about feelings called 'The Colour Monster'.