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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Thursday 21st January 2021

Hello Reception

Start your day with another yoga session. This time it's Frozen Yoga.

Mrs Cornell is going to recap g, o, c and k.

Learn all about 'ch' with Mrs Pearson.

Mrs Rawlings will continue to help you find out more about Magic Number 7. You can check if your number sentences are correct by listening to the Number 7 Number Bond Song.

How is your fact file getting on?  We hope you are taking time to draw, write and label your work carefully.  Have a look at 'Joshua's Giraffe' in the attachments below. What an amazing fact file! We are so proud! 

Mrs Hardwick would like you to watch the Cold Seas video.  You might need the espresso username -student27621 and passcode - coding.  This will help you create an animal.

We have attached the link for 'How to make salt dough'.

This week, we have been asking you to help your adults and learn how to do chores around the house.  Today is hoovering.  Have you ever used the hoover?  Why do we have a hoover?  Where does the fluff, dirt and grit go from the carpet?  What happens when the hoover is full?  Is it hard to push?  Why is it noisy?  What do you hoover?  Can you change your hoover to make it look different?  Could you help your adult and hoover a room in your house?  Send us your pictures!

The weather is very windy and wet at the moment.  When you go on your daily walk, have a look to see if you can see any signs of wind or rain.  Can you splash in puddles or could you use the wind to make something fly in the air, leaves or grass perhaps?  If you walk through the mud, who has the largest footprint?  Can you spin very fast in the wind?  What does it feel like?

Finish off the day listening to Mrs Pearson read 'The Teddy Robber'.