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Friday 22nd January 2021

Hello Reception

We are nearly at the end of another week of home learning.  Remember to start the day with our Yoga.

Mrs Cornell will be recapping our sounds u, h, e and r and Mrs Pearson will be recapping zz, qu, th and ch.

In Maths, have a look at the penguin sheet attached at the bottom of this page.  Talk to your adult about the different shapes and properties.  Has it got straight sides? How many corner has it got?  How many sides?  Then have a go at making your own penguin.  If you haven't got access to a printer can you draw your own 2d shapes to make a penguin.  Make a list of all the different 2d shapes you have used. Also sing along to the  Five Little Penguin Shape song.

Mrs Hardwick will be following where the boy and the penguin went in our story and will then help you make a map.  You might want to have another read through the story of  'Lost and Found' with your adult to help you.  You might decide to make another map around your house. Could you hide something for someone to find using your map?

Don't forget to have a look at Monday's page for your reading books.  Which ones have you read and shared this week?

Today's chore is tidying.  Can you put saucepans in order from the biggest to the smallest, reading books from big to small?  Can you sort Lego bricks into different colours or shapes?  What else can you tidy or sort? Can you tell your adult how you have sorted or ordered your items? What has been your favourite task this week?

Join in with lots of other year groups in the school by completing the Picture News Jigsaw Piece found in the attachments.  You can draw or paint your picture on the jigsaw puzzle, cut it out and stick the picture in your window for others to see as they walk past your house.

Finally, why not snuggle down for a story.  Today our guest storyteller, Mr Heald, returns with the sequel to his first story, 'The Day the Crayons Came Home' by Oliver Jeffers.