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Friday 29th January 2021

Hello Reception!

Wake your brains and fingers up with our Wake Up Shake Up and Dough Disco.

Our sound of the day is 't'.  Watch how to write t. Don't forget to keep singing and learning our tricky words song.  Why not try learning a song to help you blend the different sounds to help you learn to read.  What else can you see that you can sound out?  Have a look when you go on your daily walk!  Sound out what you see to your adult - b-ir-d, t-r-ee, s-w-i-ng.

Mrs Pearson is going to recap the sounds we have learnt this week - sh, ng and ai.

In Maths, we are going to be learning about Repeating Pattern. Talk to your adult about what you think a repeating pattern is. How can you tell if something is a pattern?

Can you see any patterns around you?  Is there a way to hear patterns?  Watch the Powerpoint, then complete the activities. Have a look at the Repeating Pattern video. Have a go at decorating your own hat, gloves and scarf set. There is a template at the bottom of todays learning page for you to print off. If you do not have access to a printer you can draw your own set.

Now you have designed and made your boat, what happened?  Watch the last part of  Designing and Making a Boat.

Are you still playing your feely bag game?  What have you been able to describe?  Did our adult get it right?  Can you describe something for your teachers to guess?  What describing words did you use?  You might describe things on your walk or things that are in your room.  Could you describe where they are?  Use words like  - on top of, next to, near, under or behind.

After a busy day, snuggle down with the story 'Oi Frog' read to you today by our returning guest story teller Mr Heald.