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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Monday 1st February 2021

Hello Reception! 

Here we are at Week 5 of our home learning.  We hope you are enjoying and completing the activities set for you.  It is really important that you have a go at them and then send your work to your teachers.  Please email your teachers on a regular basis with your completed work.

Let's start our day with Wake Up Shake Up and Dough Disco.  

In Phonics, our sound of the day is 'p' . Learn how to write 'p'. Don't forget to keep practising your tricky words.

Our new sound of the day is 'ee'. Learn all about the 'ee' sound with Mrs Pearson and sing along to the ABC song as you learn each letter name. 

The reading books for this week are: 

Mrs Rawlings will be helping you learn all about Magic Number 9 . Don't forget to pause the video when you are asked to complete a challenge. Here is the link for Number Time. Have a go at finding as many number 9's on the Number 9 search. Have a look at the number 9 powerpoints attached at the bottom of the page as well.  Enjoy the activities and don't forget to send your super learning photos to your teacher.

Mrs Hardwick will be teaching you how to design and write a postcard. This is quite a long video so don't forget, as always, to stop the video, complete a task and return to the next part later or even tomorrow.  We want to see a really great picture on your postcard with lots of detail and beautiful colouring.  Don't forget to try to draw and write in pencil, not pen, crayon or felt tips.

In addition to our Wake Up Shake Up, have a go at following our dance lesson being in the coldest place on Earth.

How good is your memory?  Watch Kim's Game.  Have a go at setting the game up with your adult and see what you can remember.

After all that hard work, don't forget to enjoy 'The Tear Thief', read by another guest story teller Miss Hayes.