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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Hello Reception

Get yourself ready for learning with Wake Up Shake Up and Dough Disco.

Today in phonics we are recapping s, a, t and p and Mrs Pearson is going to introduce you to the 'igh' sound. Don't forget to keep singing our 'Tricky Words Song'.

In Maths, Mrs Rawlings is going to help you write your number sentences for our Magic Number 9 but before we learn about those, you need to warm up your brains with a spiders web challenge. Then ask your adult to pause the video while you watch Number Pairs for Nine song. Can you write all of the number pairs?

Mrs Hardwick is going to help you write your postcard from yesterday so don't forget to watch the next part of the video.  Try and learn your address.  Does your house have a name or a number or both?  What is the name of your street?  Do you live in a town or village?  What is it called?

Our investigation this week is all about Waterproof Materials.  Watch the video and find out more.

Remember to practise your reading with the books on yesterday's learning page or try OxfordOwl.  If you are not sure which reading level you need, email your teacher and find out.  Use Teach your monsters to read.  Children who have been accessing this free website have made great progress in their reading.  An app is also available for £4.99.

Have you played any games whilst we have been in lockdown?  What is you favourite?  Do you use a dice?  Most games are really good to help you with counting and to develop your fine and gross motor skills, especially games like Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Frustration, Operation or Twister.  See if you can learn a new game. It might be Snap, Take Two or dominoes.  Are your memory skills improving?  Kim's game can be played lots of different ways. You might try and match cards remembering where the pairs are.  Have a look at our second Kim's Game for a different way to play.

While you are outside, have a look at the trees in winter.  What do they look like?  Could you collect some sticks to make your own winter tree. It could be flat on paper or you might get it to stand up.  Will you need to put any leaves on it?

After all your hard work, snuggle down for 'The Selfish Crocodile' read today by Mrs Hardwick.

It is really important for you to show your teachers your learning so please email your class teacher with pictures of you work or ask your adult to write a brief description of your day and send it to them.

Thank you