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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Monday 8th February 2021

Hello Reception,

Welcome to Week 6 of Home Learning.  We are all very proud of you and love the pictures you are sending in of your learning.  Don't forget to join your class zoom at 9.30 every morning to register with your teacher, find out about what you are learning that day and to catch up with your friends.

Ready to learn?  Let's begin with Wake Up Shake Up and Dough Disco.

We are recapping the sound 'd' and we are also practising writing d. You might try singing the 'd song' and don't forget our Tricky Words Song.

Mrs Pearson is going to teach you all about the 'long oo' sound. Don't forget to sing along to the ABC song.

In Maths, we are learning a new Magic Number. This week it is all about Magic Number 10. First we will warm our brains up by singing the Ten Green Bottles Song. Then we will watch Number Ten Number Time. At the bottom of the page are the links for 'The Adventures of Number Ten' and 'All About The Number Ten' PowerPoints for you to download.   

Our reading books for the week are - 

At the Match - Lilac

Kipper's Phonics - Lilac

The Fishing Trip - Pink

A Big Mess - Pink

Hush! - Red

Don't forget  to go back to the books everyday to practise.

In PE, work with your families to create Busy Bodies and Cosy Toes.

This week we are thinking about all of the things we have focussed on over the last half term.  Have you got a favourite chore?  What have you learnt to do that helps your adult?  Send us a picture or video.

We have loved seeing all of your work about 'Lost and Found',  Have you made a penguin?  If you have, could you make another animal that lives in the cold?

After a busy day, settle down and listen to our story, 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. Our guest story yeller today is Mrs Pearson's sister Emma and her dog Darcy who also loves listening to stories. Enjoy!