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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Monday 1st March 2021

Hello Reception,

Welcome to another week of home learning.  Don't forget to join your class Zoom call to register with your teacher and find out about today's learning.

Get ready to learn with Wake Up Shake Up and Dough Disco.

In Phonics, we are recapping 'e' and learning to read words.  Practise writing e and learn all about the 'or' sound with Mrs Pearson.

In Maths, Mrs Rawlings is going to be looking at doubling numbers. Before we start we are going to watch Numberblocks Doubling to help us understand how to do this. Then click on the link for the  Maths activities for today Doubling numbers. There is a lady bird sheet at the bottom of the page to help you with your recording if you are able to print it off.

Our reading books this week are - 

The Lost Cat - Lilac

Kipper's I spy - Lilac

At the Shops - Pink

Zak and the Vets - Pink

The Wishing Well - Red

We are going to make puppets to tell our own story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Join in with your family to explore our second part of Spring.

Listen carefully for new sounds all about  animals and where they live.

During your walk, have a look at the buildings you walk past.  What are they used for?  Are they old or new?  Have you been inside any of them?  Can you make a list of the different buildings?  Perhaps you could draw a map of your walk and draw the buildings you walk past.  Where are the different buildings?  What are the names of the roads you walk along?  What is the name of the road your house is on?  Are any buildings the same or different?  Are they the same size?  What is the same or different?

This week is world book day and Miss Perry has sent a reading challenge to you all.  We think you have worked really hard with your home learning and Thursday we shall be celebrating World Book Day.  Have you completed any challenges yet?

This week Mrs Pearson, Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Hardwick will share a story with you but on Thursday and Friday we would like you to share your story with us.  Ask your adult to record you telling your favourite story and  you could be our guest reader on Thursday and Friday.

Today's story is read by Mrs Pearson and it is called 'The Dragon Who Couldn't Help Breathing Fire'.