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Thursday 4th March 2021

Hello Reception,

Don't forget it's World Book Day today so take your favourite book along to your class Zoom meeting.

Start today with Wake Up Shake Up and Dough Disco.

As it is World Book Day, all of our learning today is about our books. 

Using your favourite book, draw, colour, paint or make your favourite part of the story or your favourite character.

Use a few pages of your book to look for the sounds you have been learning in phonics. For example, words that all have 'ai', 'ee' or 'oa' in them.  Can you make a list of words with the different sounds in?  You could ask your adult to write them down for you.  Can you sort them into groups containing the same sounds.  

How many tricky words can you find, read and write?

Are there any words in your book that you don't understand?  Ask your adult.  Could you try and use your new word during the day?  How many times can you use it?

Have a look in your books.  How many pages are in your book?  Ask your adult to shout a number out and see how quickly and carefully you can find that page.  Could your adult say a number and you double it to find that page?  Can you count the amount of words on the page?  Could you count how many letter 'e' there are?  What about other letters?

Join in our Room on the Broom music and movement.  Then settle down to enjoy the story of Room on the Broom.  Do you know any other Julia Donaldson stories?  Which one is your favourite?  

Have a sit with your adult or your toys and tell them your favourite story.  Can you remember it all the way through?

Can you design a bookmark to go in your book.  A bookmark is used when you need to save your page if you don't finish the book.  Then you can return to the story where your bookmark is and carry on.  What would you put on your bookmark?  Your name, your favourite character or things you like?  Could you make a book mark for someone else?  What do they like?

We have all enjoyed Mr Heald being our guest story teller reading us many of the 'Oi' stories.  Why not try reading the story of Oi Goat especially written for World Book Day. Try and change your voice for the different characters.

 If you would like to catch up on Mr Heald reading these stories click on the titles - Oi FrogOi Dog and Oi Puppies

Record yourself telling a story.  You could play a game and start a story and ask your adult tell the next part.  Example - Once upon a time there was a girl called Red Riding Hood.  Your adult - She lived in a cottage with her mum and dad.  Your turn - One day her granny was poorly. ..... and so on.

Some children in Reception have sent in stories. Enjoy listening.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Queen Aneena's Feast

Please Mr Panda

Up You Go

Dig, Dig, Dig!

Story 4

We have put a few resources on the bottom including 'Name the stories' powerpoint.