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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Wk Beg 09.11.20

Pumpkin Soup

This week, we have been hearing about Squirrel, Cat and Duck who are three friends who live together and make pumpkin soup.  Everything is fine until Duck has an idea......  Why not listen to the story on the link - Puumpkin Soup Story.

Could you make a mask or puppet of one of the characters and act out the story?  How about drawing a picture and using your sounds to write the name underneath?

We have also been looking at Autumn objects, pumpkins, apples, conkers, acorns and leaves  Could you have a look at autumn objects and make a collection or even a picture from things in your garden?


Our sounds this week are h, b, f and l.  Have a go at writing them or using our powerpoint or workbook to help you learn them.  Could you use some of the letters to make your own words or even listen to the sounds that are in the words such as h-u-g? Why not listen to our new song for blending CVC words. Blending song


We have been looking at capacity this week along with number 1.  Capacity is great fun with water or rice finding out if containers are full or empty, half full or half empty.  Which container holds the most or the least?  

We have also been looking at number 1 and what number one really means.  Can you draw a picture with only one of each thing in it?  Maybe one person walking one dog next to one tree.  Have a look at our Numbertime and Numberblocks video Numbertime Number 1 Numberblocks Number 1