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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Wk Beg 08.03.21

This week we have been catching up with the children and welcoming them back into school.  Play has been very important this week and we have been enjoying sharing, catching up and making friends through play.

We have been painting spring flowers and trying to look very carefully at their shape and colours.  If you have any spring flowers in your garden, maybe you would like to draw or paint them.  Perhaps you could mix paint to match the colours of the flowers.

We have been recapping lots of our phonics.  These are really important to help us read and write.  Use Phonics Play you will need username - williams and password  -tigger.

It is really important to practise tricky words and letter sounds.  We have been recapping letter sounds 'qu'reading words 1'ch' and reading words 2.

In maths, we have been practising ordering numbers 1-10 and then 1-20.  Have a go at putting them around the room, finding them and putting them in order.  Can you say the number one more and one less than the number on the card?

Don't forget to read using Oxford Owl.