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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Wk Beg 22.03.21

This week Reception have been very busy looking for signs of beauty around the school.

Go on a walk in your garden and have a look for buds, blossom or green shoots.  Can you take photos of anything you spot?  

How could you improve your garden?  If you could have anything in your garden what would you put in it to make it better?  Draw a picture and label it.  What things can you see out of your window that aren't nice?  Where does rubbish go?  Does your family recycle anything?  If so what?  Watch Come Outside and find out about rubbish.

In maths, we have been looking at subtraction.  Watch Numberjacks to find out about subtraction and then follow Bee Subtraction to find out more.

We are looking at Phase 3 sounds in phonics.  These are 'th' and 'ng' and reading words 1 and reading words 2.

Have a look at one of our reading books and draw a picture from it,  Have a go at writing a sentence about your picture.

Reading for this week

The Big Box

Kipper's Phonics 2

Max's Rocket


Quick, Pedal!

We are looking at recycling this week.  Follow the powerpoint at the bottom of the page to find out more along with the other attachments.  Why not try and sort some of your recycling at home?  How would you sort it?  Can you take it out to the correct bin?