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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Y1 Home Learning: w/c 19.10.2020

Please find below the home learning information and links below for wk beginning: 19.10.20. 

Home Learning: (wk beginning: 19.10.2020)

English - Jack and the Beanstalk: created story (characters, mood, problems)

Lesson 1 - WALT: generate ideas for a story ( Link)

Lesson 2 - WALT: tell a story from memory (Link)

Lesson 3 - WALT: find key information within a text (Link)

Lesson 4 - WALT: create a story (Link)

Mathematics - Number Bonds to 10 (WRMH)

See videos here (Link) and see downloadable content below. 

Lesson 1 - WALT: use addition facts

Lesson 2 - WALT: find number bonds for numbers within 10

Lesson 3 - WALT: systematic number bonds

Lesson 4 - WALT: number bonds to 10

Topic - Autumn

This week we are learning about autumn you could:

  •  Watch a video about autumn
  •  Create some leaf rubbings and leaf art
  •  Take a photo of yourself in autumnal clothing and label it
  •  Think about what happens to the weather in Autumn
  •  Use the colours of autumn to create a picture. 

In PSHE we have been learning about 'why it is go

od to be me'. You could write some sentences about what you like about yourself and draw a picture of you and your favourite things. 

Phonics - Please see your child's home phonics folder for specific sounds and tricky sight words that you child needs to learn. All other resources are on the Phonics page within the Year 1 class page. Please see 'useful websites' for any other guidance.