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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Y1 Home Learning w/c: 22.03.21

Please find below the home learning information and links below for wk beginning: 22.03.21. 

English - A picture a day lets the writer play! 

This week we would like you to write about the pictures that we have added to the 'attachments' at the bottom of this page. We would like you to be as imaginative as possible and write at least 2 sentences about what you see. These sentences must have: capital letters, full stops, letters on the line, adjectives and a conjunction. 

Lesson 1 - WALT: compose simple sentences for a purpose. 

Lesson 2 - WALT: compose simple sentences for a purpose. 

Lesson 3 - WALT: compose simple sentences for a purpose. 

Lesson 4 - WALT: compose simple sentences for a purpose. 

Lesson 5 - WALT: compose simple sentences for a purpose. 

Mathematics - Weight and Mass (White Rose)

White Rose Lessons (Web Link) - Please see attachments at the bottom of the page for printable resources. 

Lesson 1 - WALT: introduce volume and capacity (activity). 

Lesson 2 - WALT: introduce volume and capacity. 

Lesson 3 - WALT: measure capacity. 

Lesson 4 - WALT: measure capacity. 

Topic - Stretton and Spring

Seasonal Changes: 

This week the children will be learning all about Spring as a season through a BBC Home Learning Activity (BBC Seasonal Change). 

Open Ended Activities: 

  • Can you draw and label a spring picture? 
  • Could you go in the garden and collect resources to create a natural image? 
  • If you went on a walk around Stretton, what would you find? 
  • What do you notice about the weather? 
  • Could you create a weather diary? 
  • Could you create your own weather chart? 
  • If you were going to a cold place, what would you wear? 
  • If you were going to a warm place, what would you wear? 

Please use  Discovery Education Espresso for age appropriate videos and online activities. 

Username: student27621   Password: coding

PSHE - This half-term we are going to be exploring the theme of Media literacy and Digital resilience. This focusses on using the Internet and digital devices, and how we communicate online. Please have a discussion with your child using the questions below and note down what they say. 

  • What can you remember so far about how to use the Internet safely? 

Alternatively please see the attachments below for an activity about the Colour Monster Book. This will allow the children to explore their feelings through a familiar text. 

Phonics - Please see your child's home phonics folder for specific sounds and tricky sight words that you child needs to learn. All other resources are on the Phonics page within the Year 1 class page. Please see 'useful websites' for any other guidance. 

Alternatively please explore Letters and Sounds videos from the Department of Education (DfE).