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Y1 Home Learning w/c: 03.05.21

Please find below the home learning information and links below for wk beginning: 03.05.21. 

Home Learning: (wk beginning: 03.05.2021)

English - The Wind in the Willows (Usborne Picture Book)

This half-term in English we will be exploring our new text - The Wind in the Willows. Mole, Ratty, Badger and the infamous Mr Toad love nothing more than messing around on the river. But when Mr Toad develops an obsession with motor vehicles, will his friends be able to help before he loses everything? Delightful retelling of the much loved tale of Mole, Ratty and Mr Toad. The simple and engaging text is accompanied by the charming illustrations of Mauro Evangelista. 

Story Read Aloud - 

Lesson 1 - WALT: write good quality sentences. 

Lesson 2 - WALT: write a character description. 

Lesson 3 - WALT: sequence sentences to form a short narrative. 

Lesson 4 - WALT: sequence sentences to form a short narrative. 

Please see below/attachments for resources. 

Mathematics - Multiplication and Division (White Rose)

White Rose Lessons (Web Link) - Please see attachments at the bottom of the page for printable resources. 

Lesson 1 - WALT: Making equal groups - grouping activity. 

Lesson 2 - WALT: Make equal groups. 

Lesson 3 - WALT: Make equal groups - sharing activity. 

Lesson 4 - WALT: Make equal groups - sharing. 

Topic - Draw, Draw and Draw Some More! 

This week we are going to focus on our drawing skills and use our 'Good, Better and Best' approach to drawing sunflowers. By the end of this week you should have drawn 3 versions of your sunflower and should be able to see a marked improvement from your first to your third. 

  • What do you already know about sunflowers? 
  • Can you count how many petals you can see on a sunflower? 
  • What do you think a sunflower will need to grow? 
  • How tall do you estimate a sunflower can grow? 
  • What are the different colours that you see on a sunflower? 
  • Can you create a colour chart showing these colours? 
  • Draw three different sunflowers and pick one aspect to improve on each time. 
  • Can you follow the video to draw your final sunflower

Please use  Discovery Education Espresso for age appropriate videos and online activities. 

Username: student27621   Password: coding

RSHE: WALT: understand how simple hygiene routines can stop germs from spreading. 

Prior Learning: 

It would be helpful if children know about handwashing and cleaning their teeth. It would also be useful if they have come across the term ‘germs’ before and are familiar with what germs are.

The Big Questions:

  • What are germs and how can they be bad for us?

  • How can we keep ourselves clean?

Key/New Words:

clean, wash, brush, germs, disease, hygiene, bacteria, virus, infection, spread, vomiting, diarrhoea, coughs, colds, illness, antibacterial, protect, dentist, doctor, chemist, pharmacist. 

Phonics - Please see your child's home phonics folder for specific sounds and tricky sight words that you child needs to learn. All other resources are on the Phonics page within the Year 1 class page. Please see 'useful websites' for any other guidance. 

Alternatively please explore Letters and Sounds videos from the Department of Education (DfE).