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William Shrewsbury Primary School
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Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Y1 Home Learning w/c: 04.07.21

Please find below the home learning information and links below for wk beginning: 04.07.21. 

Home Learning: (wk beginning: 04.07.2021)

English - Free Write Week

This week the children will be writing about what ever they choose. They could write a story or a set of instructions. We will also be asking the children to complete some transition writing in readiness for their move up to Year 2. 

If the children would like to write about Dogger please use the story read aloud below to allow them to refresh their memories. 

Story Read Aloud -

  • Can you write a book review all about your favourite story from the year so far? 
  • Can you write some simple sentences to describe your house and share them with a family member? 
  • Can you write a simple postcard to your new teacher telling them all about you? 
  • Can you write some instructions on how to bake a cake or how you would build your favourite object? 

Alternatively you could follow the learning experiences through the Oak National Academy and work on a lesson per day - Why not write about how butterflies came to be! 

Please see below/attachments for resources. 

Mathematics - Money (White Rose)

White Rose Lessons (Web Link) - Please see attachments at the bottom of the page for printable resources. 

Lesson 1 - WALT: recognising coins. 

Lesson 2 - WALT: recognising notes.

Lesson 3 - WALT: counting in coins. 

Lesson 4 - WALT: coutning in coins. 

Topic - Moving On and Moving Up! 

This week we are going to be thinking all about the different experiences that we've had in Year 1 and what we think we will expect in Year 2. Please see below for a list of activities that you could do with your child. 

  • Draw a picture of yourself and surround it with all the information that you know about you. 
  • Draw your favourite people and toys and label them with simple captions. 
  • List 10 things about you and list 10 things about your family. 
  • Make a collage of all of your favourite things to do. 
  • Do something that you love to do for 30 minutes and then see how it makes you feel. 
  • Make a simple video introducing yourself to your new teacher. 
  • Make a banner that says what your favourite thing was to do in Year 1. 
  • Create a phonics game with all the knowledge that you have learned in Year 1. 

Please use  Discovery Education Espresso for age appropriate videos and online activities. 

Username: student27621   Password: coding

Mindfulness: Choose some music that you really love doing in your home and dedicate 20 minutes a day to having some music listening time for you. This could be some upbeat music, some calming music or some music you and your family just love to listen to. Record how different pieces make you feel. 

Phonics - Please see your child's home phonics folder for specific sounds and tricky sight words that your child needs to learn. All other resources are on the Phonics page within the Year 1 class page. Please see 'useful websites' for any other guidance. 

Alternatively please explore Letters and Sounds videos from the Department of Education (DfE).