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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Y1 Home Learning WC: 15.11.21

Please find below the home learning information and links below for WC: 15.11.21

Home Learning: (wk beginning: 15.11.2021)

English - Click below to access a PDF version of How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

Writing 1: This week the children will be writing to the star to ask him to be their new best friend. Can you tell the star what makes you an amazing friend? What can you offer him? Will you go on adventures together? You might choose to draw a picture of yourself to show the star what you look like - don't forget your big friendly smile!

Writing 2: Later in the week the children will be using their imagination to design an amazing rocket ship to go and collect their new friend. Design a ship with extreme rocket boosters, glitter power or speed launchers! What colour will you choose? What features does the ship have? Write some sentences to describe your rocket ship and use adjectives to describe for extra impact!

Challenge: Can you use the conjunctions 'and' or 'because' to extend your sentences and add more detail to your friendship application?

Please see below/attachments for resources. 

Mathematics - Subtraction (White Rose)

White Rose Lessons (Web Link

This week the children are learning to Subtract. Please follow the White Rose online learning portal to access instructional videos and worksheets. Alternatively, tasks can be completed with plain paper or a whiteboard and pen.  

Phonics - Please take time to review your target sounds and tricky words. 

Please explore the videos in our home learning archive for teacher taught videosfor each target sound, 

Alternatively you may choose to explore Letters and Sounds videos from the Department of Education (DfE)

Topic - Celebration of Diwali / Friendships /Autumn