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Y2 Home Learning w.b. 14th December 2020

Information for home learning for week beginning 14th December 2020

English- The Christmas Story. 

Here are some reading and writing activities you might like to complete. Please follow the links below. 

Monday- WALT write about the Christmas Story. 

Have a read of the Christmas story using the powerpoint in attachments. Can you retell the story using the storyboard template? You could always use separate paper and draw your own pictures. 

Tuesday- WALT answer questions based on a text. Reindeer comprehension in attachments. 

Wednesday- WALT answer questions based on a text- Winter Wonderland comprehension in attachments. 

Thursday- WALT answer questions based on a text. - How do we celebrate Christmas? comprehension in attachments

Friday- WALT  answer questions based on a text- Advent comprehension in attachments. 


This week we will continue to consolidate our learning from this half term.

Monday – WALT represent numbers to 100 (link) practise number recognition to 100 on a number grid. Complete the activities.

Tuesday -WALT understand addition facts – watch the video and complete some of the activities (Link)

Wednesday-WALT use mental methods to add and subtract Have a go at adding and subtracting using mental methods ( in your head). Complete the sums and colour in the Christmas picture. (find sheet in the attachments at the bottom of this page)

Thursday- WALT – use mental methods Use some mental methods to complete the Christmas challenge cards – see attached sheet.

Have a go at some of these Christmas online games!