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Year 2 Home Learning w.b 25.1.21

Information regarding Home Learning for Year 2 children. Week beginning 25.1.21

Please check this page each day for new home learning videos. 

Each day we will upload:

  • 1x Maths lesson with appropriate resources
  • 1x English lesson with appropriate resources
  • 1x Phonics/spelling lesson
  • 1x topic lesson

You can email completed work to your child's class teacher:

Miss Perry-

Mrs Wright-

Mrs Bell-


FRIDAY 29th JANUARY 2021- Another Friday!!!! 

Wake Up Shake Up- I like to move it move it!

Reading- Can you find a non fiction book to enjoy? Please follow this LINK to access a free oxford owl e-library. Login:   Username: year1ws          Password: william 

English-WALT recognise and understand different features of non-fiction texts.

Maths-Lesson 4- WALT solve +, - and x calculations

Phonics-Phase 6 Lesson 4

Today's Topic LessonPSHE Lesson 3

Drawing funDraw with Rob!

Story time: Storytime with Mrs Tricker!


ARCHIVE- Lessons from previous days are here!


EnglishRats Factsheet Lesson- for both 27th and 28th Jan

Maths-Lesson 3- WALT use facts for 2,5,10 times tables.

Phonics-Lesson 3 

Today's Topic LessonRE Lesson 3


EnglishRats Factsheet Lesson- for both 27th and 28th Jan

Maths-Lesson 2: WALT know that x can be done in any order

Phonics-Lesson 2: le,el words 

Today's Topic LessonArt Lesson 2


Reading and Writing Lesson 1- Non Fiction

 Lesson 1- WALT make and use arrays

 Phase 6 Lesson 1

Topic LessonScience Lesson 4- WALT understand the lifecycle of a frog.

MONDAY 25TH JANUARY 2021- Snow Day! 

A message from Mr Heald for more information about the day (Loom Link). 

We would LOVE for you to have fun in the snow today, and send us a report all about what you get up to. This could be pictures, written, a video, draw pictures...

Here are a few ideas of what you could do today...

English - Letters in the snow. 

  • Can you write the alphabet or your phonics sounds in the snow? 
  • Can you write words or sentences in the snow? 
  • Can you write a secret snow message? 
  • Can you write your name in the snow? 

Maths - Snow Towers and Snow Sculpture. 

  • Why not create a 10 frame using snowballs! What numbers can you create with snowballs and other items. 
  • Play a game of Snowman Drive (Google Drive). 
  • KS1 Challenge - Can you build a snow creation or sculpture? Please take a photo of your sculpture with you next to it and see if you can make it taller than you. Send in your photos to your class teacher and the winner will get a PRIZE! 

Topic - Snow Day related ideas: 

You could use our snow day bingo mat or choose as many of the activities below to have a go at (Google Drive). 

  • Dress up in some warm clothes. 
  • Build a snowman. 
  • Go sledging. 
  • Throw a snowball at a target. 
  • Make a snow angel. 
  • Build a blanket fort to keep warm. 
  • Read a book with a snowy setting. 
  • Drink warm drinks. 
  • Feed the birds. 
  • Take a photograph so that you can cherish the memories of your snow day. 

Drawing Fun- Draw with Rob - a Snowman!!!!

Story time-  One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth Read by Mrs Kirk. A perfect story for a snowy day.