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Year 2 Home Learning w.b 15.3.21

Information regarding home learning for Year 2. Week Beginning 15.3.21

Please see information of home learning for this week in case your child is self-isolating or you are awaiting a covid 19 test result. 

Maths: This week we are starting our learning on Division. 

Lesson 1 WALT: understand odd and even numbers (link)

Lesson 2 WALT: share a total equally (link)

Lesson 3 WALT: share a total equally (link)

Lesson 4 WALT: share a total equally (link)

English: Sentence types and using contractions. 

Lesson 1: WALT recognise and use sentence types. (link) Please see worksheet below in attachments. 

Lesson 2 and 3 WALT understand contractions. (link) Additional activities attached below. 

Lesson 4: WALT plan a character description  Listen to our class text (link) Make a list of words to describe Mrs Grinling's appearance and personality. You will use these ideas in Friday's lesson. 

Lesson 5: WALT write a character description. Use your ideas from yesterday to write a paragraph about Mrs Grinling. Can you include any contractions or different sentence types linked to our learning this week?



Have a go at some Phase 5 or Phase 6 activities on Phonics Play 

Username: Willams  Password: Tigger

Phase 6 phonics with Felix videos 

Reading  reading books and activities can be accessed on the Oxford Owl website

Username: year1ws             password: william

Science A healthy lifestyle for a human 

Lesson 1 - WALT To know the different parts of a human

Have a look at Discovery Education Espresso for more age appropriate videos and activities.  You could even have a go at some coding.

Username: student27621             Password: coding