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Year 2 Home Learning w.b 22.3.21

Information regarding Year 2 Home learning week beginning 22.3.21



We are continuing our learning about division as sharing this week. We will also be revisiting and consolidating our previous learning about number bonds within 10 and 20 to help us solve addition and subtraction calculations. 

Monday WALT: use the division sign when sharing  (link)

Tuesday WALT: solving division problems when sharing (link) 

 Wednesday WALT: find related multiplication and division facts (link)

Thursday WALT: use number bonds within 20 for addition (link)

Friday WALT: use number bonds within 20 for subtraction (link)


This week we are revisiting the four sentence types. 

Please work on a different sentence type each day. Use this (link)  which explains the different sentence types: Statements, commands, questions and exclamations. 

Use our class text: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch to use as a stimulus for your writing ideas. You may wish to pause on a page to write your sentences. Don't forget the correct puncutation marks . ? ! 

Lesson 1: WALT write command sentences

Lesson 2: WALT write question sentences

Lesson 3: WALT write statement sentences

Lesson 4: WALT write exclamation sentences.