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Year 2 Home learning wb 19.4.21

Information regarding home learning for Year 2 for the week beginning 19th April 2021 


This week we are starting our new topic of Fractions. We will start off this week looking at equal parts and finding fractions of shapes. It is still really important that we are practising our number skills and times-tables, so we have some recap lessons too. Click below for the links. 

Monday WALT : recognise and make equal parts 

Tuesday WALT : recognise and find 1/2 of shapes. 

Wednesday WALT: recognise and find 1/4 of shapes.

Thursday: WALT: understand the place value of numbers. ( see powerpoint below) (Recap lesson) 

Friday: WALT:  solve calculations ( Recap lesson) see powerpoint below)

Outdoor learning

Over the next 2 weeks each class is having an outdoor learning day. If you are at home, you could have a go at these activities in your garden.

- go on a mini-beast hunt. 

- create a picture out of nature.

- find out the different types of plants in your garden. 

- draw pictures of anything interesting in your garden. 

- challenge your self to do a scavenger hunt. Maybe you could find things which are a certain colour, or begin with a certain letter. 


This week we will be forming nouns by adding the suffix- 'ness' (see the presentation in the attachments)

Have a go at some Phase 5 or Phase 6 activities on Phonics Play 

Username: Willams  Password: Tigger

Phase 6 phonics with Felix videos 

Reading  reading books and activities can be accessed on the Oxford Owl website

Username: year1ws             password: william