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Year 2 Home Learning w.b 15.11.21

Information regarding home learning for Year 2 Children, week beginning 15th November 2021


Each day: Please listen to our text called 'The Bear and the Piano' by David Litchfield. We will be enjoying this text throughout this half term so it will be important for your child to be very familiar with this text.The Bear and the Piano link

Monday- WALT recognise and understand verbs in the past and present tense. (link)(link) Follow these links to watch some videos all about verbs and writing in the past tense. There are also some quizzes you can complete. Have a look at the document 'Monday Past Tense'. Have a go at changing the verbs into the past tense. 

Tuesday- WALT  add -ed to the end of verbs and write sentences in the past tense. please see activity in attachments below. 

Wednesday- WALT use the past tense. (link)- start video at 3mins 55. 

Thursday- WALT plan a review of the Bear's concert in the past. - see example and planning sheet  below. 

Friday- WALT write in the past tense. Write a review of the Bear's concert. - see Friday writing sheet in attachments below. 

Please Note- There are also sound mats and common exception word mats saved in the tab ' Supporting your child's learning' which can be found on the left hand side of our year 2 page. You may wish to use these words mats to practise some of our Year 2 spellings. 


Maths warm up videos. Please click on the links below. 

Counting in tens       Counting in fives        Counting in twos      Counting in threes

Monday- WALT use number bonds within 20 for addition (link)

Tuesday-  WALT use number bonds within 20 for subtraction (link)

Wednesday- WALT add three 1 digit numbers(link)

Thursday- WALT add three 1 digit numbers- complete 2x activities in attachments below. 

Friday- Three 1 digit number investigation. - How many calculations can you make where there are three 1 digit numbers that total 10? e.g 7+2+1=10

How many calculations can you make where there are three 1 digit numbers that total 20? e.g 4+10+6=20


In Science we are learning all about Materials. Can you go on a Materials hunt around your house. What materials are things made out of? Can you think of words to describe these materials?