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Year 2 Home Learning w.b 22.11.21

Information regarding Home Learning for Year 2. week beginning 22nd November 2021

Here is the Year 2 Home Learning for w.b 22.11.21

English- This week we are finding out all about the Titanic. 

Monday- WALT research a significant event in History. Please use 'Titanic English Powerpoint' for today's lesson. The planning map is also in the attachments section. 

Tuesday- WALT write factual sentences. Please use 'Titanic English Powerpoint' for today's lesson

Wednesday- WALT write in the past tense. Please use 'Titanic English Powerpoint' for today's lesson

Thursday- WALT answer retrieval questions. Please use Titanic fact sheet and questions below. 

Phonics- Please use the screening check example powerpoint below and phase 3,4 and 5 word cards to practice sounding out real and nonsense words. This will support children towards their upcoming phonics screening check. 


Maths- This week are continuing our learning on Subtraction. 

Monday- WALT subtract using a number line. Please see worksheet saved in attachments. There is an example question first to show you the method. 

Tuesday- WALT solve a range of subtraction questions-Please see worksheet below and use the video link.- (please click here)

Wednesday- WALT solve a range of subtraction questions -Please see worksheet below and use the video link. (please click here)

Thursday- WALT solve a range of subtraction questions- Please see worksheet below and use the video link.(please click here)



In Art this week we will be continuing to look at pieces of artwork based on New York. 

You could:

-Make your own piece of New York art, make a model using junk modelling or lego, sketch the Statue of Liberty or create a line drawing. 

In PE we are using different throwing and catching techniques. You could go outside and practice your underarm throwing, throwing to aim at a target, use the chest pass or bounce a ball to each other? 

In Science- we are continuing to investigate different types of materials. Can you find things around your house that you can: stretch, bend, twist or squash? Make a list of objects and what you are able to do e.g playdoh- squashed.