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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Week beginning: 04.01.21

Up until half term our topic will be ‘Winter’ and we shall be thinking about Winter colours, seasonal changes and the importance of keeping ourselves warm in the cold weather.

  Craft Activity:

What colours make you feel cold when you see them?  White, grey, silver & blue make us think of the cold Winter weather.  Can you see any cold colours around your house or outside in your garden?  Now try and find cold coloured things that you could use to make a Winter picture, collage or model!  Don't forget to send us a photo!

Physical Activity:

Have a go at drawing some patterns holding your pencil between your first 2 fingers and thumb near the point: circles, straight lines, wavy lines, zig zags.

It’s really important to keep our bodies fit and healthy and do some physical exercise everyday! There are lots of different ways you can do this - go for a walk, ride your bike, play football in the garden or do a workout!


Last term we started thinking about numbers up to 10. Have a go at counting different objects at home while you are playing.

We've also had a look at the following shapes at Nursery:   circle, square, triangle and rectangle.

Have a look and see if you can find any of these shapes around your house or garden!


Our letter sound this week is ‘s’, have a look at home and see how many things you can find beginning with ‘s’.

Why not take a photo of what you find and email it to us!


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