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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Week beginning: 18.01.21

Hello again! We hope you enjoyed doing some of the activities that we suggested last week and watching the videos. This week we are continuing with our 'Winter' topic.

  Craft Activity:

Why not have a go at making a snowflake picture using paint. Ask an adult to help you find something with a straight edge, dip it in paint and then print onto paper! You could also sprinkle glitter on to make it sparkly! Have a look at the example to help you. If you don't have paint, maybe you could use chalk instead. Send us a photo of your snowflake pictures, we'd love to see them!

Physical Activity:

This week we're going to practise our fine motor skills using play dough. If you don't have any play dough at home, perhaps an adult could make some for you, click here for a play dough recipe. Have a go at squeezing the play dough in your hands. Can you make a sausage shape by rolling it? Now squash it flat like a pancake, then roll the play dough into a ball! Well done! Don't forget to let us know how you get on and send us some photos!

Hope you had a good try at putting your coat on and taking it off all by yourself. Did you manage to do your zip too? Well done everyone! Keep practising! It's still very cold outside so make sure you remember to wrap up warm when you go out to play. See if you can put your hat and gloves on by yourself, well done for trying!


This week we are thinking about shapes and sorting objects in different ways.

Have a look around your house and see if you can find things with: circles (a bowl), triangles (pretend food pizza), squares (a book) or rectangles (a remote control). Or you might want to draw and cut out some shapes with help. Can you put all of the shapes together that are the same? How are they the same? (Number of sides?) How are they different? (Number of corners?)

Now, using your toys, see if you can: 

- put all the ones that are the same colour together,

- put all the ones that are the same type together (eg. all fire engines together),

- put all the ones that are the same size together.

How many different size words can you think of? Have a look below and see if there are any new ones for you to learn!

(little, small, tiny, short, big, large, tall, long, enormous, gigantic, huge, medium sized, middle sized)

You might like to try our 'Build a Snowman' shape activity. Send us a photo of your snowman please!

We also enjoy watching Numberblocks on cBeebies on iPlayer.


This week we are learning to recognise and write the letters 'p' and 'i'.

Have a go at making your own sound bag using objects around your house. Firstly find things beginning with 'p'. Pop them in a bag or a spare pillow case. Did you find a pony? A picture? A puppy? Can you think of any other words that begin with 'p'?

Now have a go at writing 'p'.  You could use felt tips, pencil crayons, chalks or wax crayons on paper, or use your finger in sand or salt. You will need to start at the top of the 'p', go all the way down then back up to the top and round to the middle. We don't take our pencil off when we write this letter.

Later this week you could make a sound bag with things beginning with 'i'. There are not so many things to find that begin with 'i' so you may need to look in a book or on the internet to find some!

When you have a go at writing 'i' you need to start at the top of the stick, go down and put a little curve at the bottom to the right, take your pencil off and then put a dot above. Not a circle or a football remember! Try to hold your pencil near the point between your first two fingers and thumb.

Why not have a go at our Phase 1 Phonics challenge.

We also enjoy watching Alphablocks on cBeebies on iPlayer.

We look forward to seeing photos of your learning this week!


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