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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Week beginning: 22.02.21

Hello again! We hope you enjoyed your half term holiday. This week we are starting a new topic - 'Nursery Rhymes'.

Our first Nursery Rhyme is 'Incy Wincy Spider'. Can you remember the rhyme?

You can sing along here.

Craft Activity:

What do you already know about spiders? Click here to find out all about them.

You could try to make a spider using things you can find around the house! You could use a yoghurt pot or egg box for a head. Maybe straws, pipe cleaners or folded paper for legs. Or if you have paint you could make a handprint spider!

Click below for some ideas:

Handprint spider       Egg box spider     Playdough spider     Paper plate spider

Physical Activity:

We are going to strengthen our hands and fingers this week using clothes pegs. Try squeezing a peg between your first finger and thumb, now try your second finger and thumb, then third. It gets harder doesn't it? Swap hands and try this again. Can you do it  with a peg in each hand at the same time?

What can you find around your house to pick up with the peg? Are some things too big? Too small? Too slippy? Too heavy?

Please send us some photos of you while you are investigating!

Click here and put 8 peg legs on the spider!  

Now to keep our whole bodies healthy with some exercises - Join in with Joe Wicks as Spiderman here!


Let's remind ourselves all about shapes and have a go at making some shapes using things we can find in our house and garden. Click here to see how.

We are also learning about positional language or describing where something is. There are lots of words to describe where something is such as in front, behind, above, below, under, in, on, next to or beside.

Can you follow these instructions? Stand behind a chair. Sit on a bed. Stand in front of the sofa. Sit under a table. Well done! See if you can use the language yourself by telling a grown up where to sit or stand too. 

You could now click below and use the words to say where the spider is in these pictures, Where is the spider? 


This week we are learning to recognise and write the letters 'k' and 'e'.

Have a go at making your own sound bag using objects around your house. Firstly, find things beginning with 'k'. Pop them in a bag or a spare pillow case. What did you find? A key? A kangaroo? Now learn how to write 'k'. You could use felt tips, pencil crayons, chalks or wax crayons on paper, or use your finger in sand or salt.

Later this week you could make a sound bag with things beginning with 'e'. What did you find? An elephant? An envelope? Can you think of any other words that begin with 'e'? Now have a go at writing 'e'. Try to hold your pencil near the point between your first two fingers and thumb.

Click here for a letter formation sheet to help you.


Click below to watch our stories:

The Very Busy Spider