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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Week beginning: 08.03.21

This week we are thinking about Mother's Day and all the things that our Mums do for us.

Craft Activity:

We are making our Mums a Mother's Day card. Gluing and sticking using tissue paper, then having a go at writing our name inside.



We are recognising and naming simple 2D shapes; rectangle, square, triangle, circle. If your child knows these already, then try 3D shapes; cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid.

We will be counting the sides and corners of the shapes.


We will be using balance scales to compare objects to see which are heavy and which are light. We will be learning the vocabulary heavy, light, heavier, lighter, balance, the same and what these words mean.


Letters and Sounds Phase One: Aspect 2 Instrumental Sounds -

Making loud and quiet sounds. Copying a simple beat.

Letters and Sounds Phase Two: Recognising and writing the letter 'r'.

Finding things that begin with the letter sound 'r'.