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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
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Archive information from lockdown

Dear children and parents,

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term - we hope you all had a restful half-term break and are ready to carry on with your learning. We will be carrying on with our home learning offering as before until school re-opens for all pupils on Monday 8th March. As you are now used to, the home learning will continue to be set on Google Classroom on a daily basis - you will find a separate assignment for each day of the week - please make sure the children log on and check Google Classroom every morning (the assignment will be posted at 7pm the previous evening if you wish to review it beforehand). Each day will have a schedule to follow which key worker's children in school will also be following. It will begin with an independent reading task, then we will have a daily Zoom meeting (10-11am, details will be in the assignment) to give children a chance to ask for help with anything they have struggled with, to do some Maths and/or English teaching and to go through what we want them to do in the afternoon.

It is important that the children join us on the Zoom call (they need to have an adult within earshot of them at home) and try to do as many of these activities as they can so we can keep up with what we are supposed to be doing. Please encourage your children to self-mark and review their work where answers are provided (these will usually be posted on the classroom later in the day) and to submit any work to us which they are unsure of so that we can offer support. This can be done through Google Classroom or by emailing work to one of the teachers who led that day's Zoom (email addresses below).

In order to allow us to keep track of children's progress, we do ask that everyone submit at least one piece of completed Maths and English (preferably extended writing work) a week. Thank you, parents, for your support in encouraging your children to do this.

Children, stay well, work hard and hopefully we'll soon be seeing you all back at school.

Your Year 6 Teachers (6B) (6G) or (6R)