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Bubble Closure Wk Beg 28.6.21

Dinosaurs continue to be our theme this week.  Our story ‘William’s Dinosaurs’, by Alan Baker is a story about a boy called William who goes on an adventure into the cool, dark wood at the end of his garden.  Before you read the story…. Look at the front cover. What or who do you think William will meet? As you listen to the story… Can you recognise any of the dinosaurs William meets? Where does his adventure take him? Do all the dinosaurs look the same? After you have heard the story… William thought he had fallen asleep, did he?

William's Dinosaurs Story

Please find below links for Phonics, Maths and other home learning activities for children who are isolating due to Reception Red bubble closure.

Oxford Reading Buddy - Reading books

Maths - Shape and Pattern 

Phonics Play -Username williams, password tigger

If you are unfamiliar with the format of our phonic powerpoints at the bottom of the page, please watch the 'air' video that Mrs Pearson recorded for Phonics during our Winter Lockdown.  Other Phonic videos can be found here.  These can be used for the children to practise the sounds they are unsure of.

With an adult sort the food in your cupboards into groups to feed a brontosaurus, a tyrannosaurus, a pteradactyl and a plesiosaur. Your favourite dinosaur is coming for tea. Can you write a menu for the food he will eat?

Why not enjoy a story with Harry and his dinosaurs or Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.