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Bedtime Story Party in KS1



Well what a fantastic evening! Fun was had by all. We had onesies and picnics and games to play, a real bedtime story from Mrs Godfrey and.... Darcy the Reading Dog came along too! 

Above all, families were reading and sharing happy times together with friends old and new. It was a lovely atmophere and so many families commented on how much they had enjoyed it.

'Megan has really enjoyed her time petting the dog and giggling with friends. Great idea with the word search... we shall be doing this at home too. Zones was a great idea.'

'Great night had lots of fun!'

'Thanks Mrs Hayden. Very well organised. Activities enjoyed by all.'

' I enjoyed the bedtime story best of all.'

'Excellent. Loved the microphone and structured activities. 1.5 hrs next year?'

'Activities were enjoyable for us both. Nice idea!'

'Was very busy but really enjoyed it! Thanks! Would have been excellent for a short story by torchlight!'            I agree with this and will do it next time! ACH

'Very enjoyable - more structured. Thank you very much. You are very brave!

'An enjoyable actiivity. Much better organised than last year and the limit on numbers worked well. May have been nice to go through quiz answers.'     I absolutely agree. Last year was the first time we had run this event and we did not realise just how popular it would prove to be. I was going to go through the answers but in all the excitement I just forgot to do it! Will do next time. ACH

'Fun doing the word games. Would have preferred to be in a zone with friends from own class and had time to mingle.     Both great ideas. Will do this next time. ACH

'Really pleasant. Much better than last year. Prizes would work and pictures would have helped focus the children in the story.'     We had intended to have a reader in each zone but felt on the night that it was unnecessary. We will think about this one again for next time.

'Good activities which got parents having to think!'