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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Finance and Resources Committee

Terms of Reference for the Finance and Resources Committee

  • Prepare a draft budget based on priorities in the school development plan
  • Establish and monitor appropriate policies and procedures and scheme of delegation for sound budgetary control
  • Report regularly on the school’s finances to the full governing body
  • Determine the financial delegation to be made to the Headteacher
  • Approve transfer between budget headings (virement) within agreed limits
  • Receive and review school fund accounts
  • Respond to any issues arising from the audit of the schools accounts
  • Review best value purchases and services
  • Review, and set the charges and lettings fees, in conjunction with recommendations made from Premises committee
  • Review SFVS (School Finance Value Standards) documentation and ensure it is kept up to date
  • Review joint procurement opportunities that arise from Trust status
  • Approve spending allocation of devolved funding streams
  • Review use and impact of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium
  • Receive regular reports from Premises sub group