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Maths Home Learning

Wk Beg - 02.11.20

This week we have been weighing and comparing objects around the classroom using balances.  Why not have a go at home trying to find objects that weigh the same or that are lighter or heavier.   You could bake a cake or biscuits weighing out the ingredients.  Have a look at the lesson below comparing and ordering weight.

Wk Beg - 19.10.20

This week we have been comparing and measuring objects around the classroom.  Have a go at home measuring things around the house with sticks, leaves, lego bricks or other everyday objects.  Can you put them in order of size or weight?  Have a look at the lessons below for more ideas.

Ordering objects by size lesson

Comparing and exploring capacity

Comparing and exploring weight

Comparing and exploring length


Wk Beg  - 12.10.20

This week we have been looking at pattern and creating our own using lots of different resources and finding the rules of patterns.  Why not have a go at making your own pattern at home using a range natural materials eg conkers, leaves, sticks or acorns, or using lego bricks, felt tips, body sounds or toys.  Have a look at our attachments for some lovely home learning activities.  We've added some links to help you learn about pattern.


Pattern lesson 1

Pattern lesson 2

Pattern lesson 3

Pattern lesson 4

Wk Beg - 05.10.20

This week we have been learning to sort objects in a variety of different ways.  This could be colour, size, shape, identical or even another way that we could think of.  Why not have a look at the links below and try this at home.

Activities and videos about sorting