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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Meet Our Staff

Mrs Elaine Curtis - Headteacher

I have been at William Shrewsbury for 17 years as Deputy Headteacher and I am now proud to be the Headteacher of such a wonderful school community.  I enjoy teaching all subjects but I particularly like maths, art and history.   In my spare time I enjoy gardening, reading, going to the gym and visiting historical places of interest and art galleries.  I have recently started to have keyboard lessons and I am using all of the Building Learning Power skills that we teach the children to do this!



Mr Matt Runacus - Deputy Headteacher


I have been teaching for over 17 years, seven of which have been as Assistant Headteacher and now Deputy Headteacher at William Shrewsbury. My role at school is extremely varied and it keeps me very busy. I am Leader of the Year 3 and 4 Department and I really enjoy seeing the children learn and achieve in all areas of their school life. I am a huge football fan and my favourite team is Liverpool (the place that I come from). The best Liverpool player of all time is Kenny Dalglish, although Steven Gerrard comes a close second. I also play football myself and my other interests include running and going to the gym, although a lot of my time is taken up by my two children!


Mrs Angela Cloves-Hayden - Assistant Headteacher


I am the Department Leader for Key Stage 1 with responsibility for parents and community. I have been teaching for over 20 years and have experience of working in several different schools, including one overseas. I love teaching in Key Stage 1 and really enjoy helping young children become independent learners with a thirst for finding out about the world. 
I run the Parent Forum Group, I am a committee member of AFWS and I organise trips for families. I also organise all the family learning that happens in school. I also try to plan new activities for families in school throughout the year.

I am a busy Mum and have two grown up boys and a stepdaughter but find time to sing with a choir which I enjoy. I love walking in Derbyshire with my dog at the weekends.


Mrs Jackie Pearson - Early Years Lead


I have been teaching at William Shrewsbury for 26 years. I have had experience of all year groups in Key Stage one but feel Early Years is where I belong. Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives and it is a real privilege to watch them begin to develop and grow into confident, creative and independent thinkers and learners. In my spare time I enjoy reading, swimming, cycling and going to the cinema. Theatre is my passion and you may even see me treading the boards myself at The Brewhouse now and then!


Mrs Heidi Elsmore - Inclusion Lead

I have worked at William Shrewsbury for 11 years now. I am the Science subject leader and have recently been appointed as ‘Inclusion Lead’. I really enjoy my job and having qualifications in Psychology, specialising in additional needs, it allows me to put all my training to good use. As well as supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities, I also work very closely with children and families to provide emotional support and guidance. Being a mummy to three young children, I am not sure I remember what spare time is! When not in work, I am always out and about with my children; enjoying walks or just going to the park. We don’t sit still often!


Mr Mike Randles - Assistant Headteacher

I have been teaching for over 25 years, all of which have been at William Shrewsbury.  My role at school is different and challenging.  I am the PE subject leader, and many of you will have seen me urging your children to run faster or jump higher at sporting events.  I also have school responsibilities for learning and teaching.  This role takes me into every classroom in the school to help students and teachers be the best they possible can be.  I am a huge fan of all sports, but football is my absolute favourite.  (There’s only one team in Liverpool and it’s not Everton I’m afraid!)  My other interests include DIY, gardening and cycling, but my real passion in life is my family.  Among many other things, they bring me much joy, laughter and warmth. 


Staff Department Lists:



  • AM – Teacher - Mrs Patrick
  • Teaching Assistant - Mrs Dexter
  • PM - Teacher - Mrs Cullen
  • Teaching Assistant - Miss Martin


Reception Blue:

  • Miss E Jay  – Teacher
  • Mrs Cartwright and Miss Martin - Teaching Assistants

Reception Green:

  • Mrs J Pearson –Teacher and EYFS lead
  • Mrs C Smith – Teaching Assistant

Reception Red

  • Mrs S Rawlings – Teacher
  • Miss L Smith – Teaching Assistant

Year 1:


  • Mrs L Peach- Teacher
  • Mrs L Salt and Mrs Herbert - Teaching Assistants


  • Mrs N Cornell and Mrs Bailey - Teacher
  • Mrs Martin - Teaching Assistant


  • Miss J Perry - Teacher
  • Mrs Russell - Teaching Assistant

Year 2:


  • Mrs Wright - Teacher
  • Mrs Milton - Teaching Assistant


  • Mrs Nattrass - Teacher
  • Mrs Burke - Teaching Assistant


  • Mrs Hayden - Teachers
  • Mrs Tricker - Teaching Assistant

Year 3:


  • Mrs Hardwick - Teacher


  • Mrs Asghar- Teacher


  • Mr Doherty- Teacher

Year 3 are helped by: Mrs Abberley and Mrs Warburton.


Year 4:


  • Mrs Brampton and Mrs Griffiths - Teachers


  • Mrs Waters - Teacher


  • Miss Hunt - Teacher

Year 4 are helped by Mrs Beckwith, Mrs Brabbin and Mrs Warburton

Year 5:


  • Miss Berry - Teacher


  • Mrs Dagnall - Teacher  / Teaching & Learning Lead                          


  • Mr Randles - Teacher

Year 5 are helped by:  Mrs Herbert, Mrs Mee, Mrs Hunt and Mrs Stanyon.

Year 6:


  • Mrs Crowden - Teacher


  • Mr Riley  - Teacher


  • Mrs Poynton and Dr Welchman - Teacher


Extra Group:

  • Mrs Shuker - Teacher


Year 6 are helped by: Mrs Stanyon, Mrs Mee, and Mrs Herbert.


Inclusion Officer:

  • Mrs Salt


School Business Manager:

  • Mrs Nicholls

Admin Staff:

  • Mrs Morrall
  • Mrs Bassett
  • Ms Tye
  • Mrs S Clarke
  • Mrs J Clarke
  • Mrs Garner