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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together


Welcome to Nursery 2021-2022


We are very excited to welcome you to Nursery! We are ready to learn and play and hope you are too!    

Week beginning 18th October 2021:

If your child is isolating this week, please click on the 'Nursery Home Learning' tab to find some ideas of activities to help your child at home. Share lots of books, tell lots of stories and play lots of games!


The blue home-school diaries will be checked everyday for messages. Please put your diary in the box outside before the morning/afternoon session. Please only put your diary in the box if there is a message for us to read. Thank you.



AM – Teacher - Mrs Patrick.

PM - Teacher - Mrs Cullen

Teaching Assistant -Miss Martin.



 Autumn term topics -Colours, Autumn.

Bonfire Night/Fireworks, Me and my family, Christmas.

Spring term topics - Winter, Nursery Rhymes, Spring Festivals.

Summer term topics - Spring, Summer Fun.

Please see below for more detail - Thank you...