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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

RG Bubble Closure 23/11-27/11

Thursday 26th November

Hello everyone!

It's Wake Up, Shake Up time!



Don't forget to practise your phonics


Username - williams

Password - tigger






Activity 1

Have a go at creating the characters from our Pumpkin Soup story. You could use paper, card, junk modelling or your toys at home. Try and make the old white cabin too. Can you retell the story using the props and characters you have made? Why not ask an adult to video it for you.

Click here to listen to the story again.

Activity 2

Download the Shapes with 4 Sides to the Rescue Powerpoint at the bottom of the page and ask an adult to share it with you.

Have a look around your house and garden and see if you can find any shapes with 4 sides. Can you name the shapes? Do they all look the same? Are the shapes all the same size? Ask an adult to help you take photos of the shapes you find. You could print them off and cut them out. How could you sort your shapes? Can you think of a different way of sorting them? Don't worry if you can't take photos and print them off. You could always draw them and cut them out or just talk about the shapes you have found and how you could sort them.

Download and print off the Shapes with 4 Sides to the Rescue Activity Sheets

Activity 3

I have set you a challenge that I think you might enjoy. Your challenge is............

Can you design your very own ball run?

All the instructions are on the sheet you can download and print off at the bottom of the page. I am very excited to see how you get on!

It's Story Time

Snuggle up and enjoy!



Wednesday 25th November

Good morning everyone! It's time to Wake Up and Shake Up!



Activity 1

Are you ready for Phonics At Home?




Username - williams

Password - tigger

Activity 2

Open up the All About the Number 4 Powerpoint at the bottom of the page, Ask an adult to share it with you.


A challenge for all the family!

You will need:

  • Some mini goal posts. You could even use a couple of old jumpers if you don't have anything to use as posts
  • A ball
  • A timer (mobile phones should have one)
  • Some stones
  • A bucket or pot each

Set the timer and take it in turns to score as many goals as you can in one minute. Each time you score a goal collect one stone and put it in your bucket or pot. When everyone has had a turn count the stones you have collected.

Key Questions

  • How many stones do you each have?
  • Who scored the most goals?
  • Who scored the least goals?
  • If you want to score more goals next time will you have to work more quickly or more slowly?
  • Have another go and see if you can beat your score?
  • Did you collect more or less stones this time? How many more/less?

Activity 3

Download and print off the My Five Senses Scavenger Hunt at the bottom of the page.

Have fun everyone!!



Tuesday 24th November

Hello Reception Green!

Let's Wake Up and Shake Up! 

Wake Up Shake Up Move and Freeze

Activity 1

Pumpkin Soup

Ask an adult to sit with you and listen to the story of Pumpkin Soup read by me! Can you remember who the characters are in the story? The characters like to make pumpkin soup together and they all have special jobs to do. Can you remember what their jobs are? Are they all happy? If not why not? In the story it says there was trouble. Why was there trouble? How do you think the Cat and the Squirrel were feeling when Duck disappeared and did not come back? What was wrong with the soup when they tried to make it without the Squirrel? At the end of the story the Cat and the Squirrel saw a light shining from the old white cabin. What did this mean?

Choose a character from the story. You could either draw, paint or even use the objects you collected from your garden to create your character. Now have a go at adding some writing to your picture. Try writing 'Duck', or 'Cat', or 'Squirrel'. Listen to the sounds you can hear in the word and write them down, even if you can only hear 'S' in Squirrel. Download and print off the Phase 2 Sound Mat to help you. Don't forget to write your name!


Username - williams

Password - tigger

Activity 2

Watch Numbertime Numer 4

Set up a picnic for 4 with your teddies or members of your family. Now give each teddy or person:

  • 1 plate
  • 1 cup
  • 1 spoon
  • 4 pieces of food on their plate

You could use pretend or real food, or if you are feeling really imaginative, why not use the items you collected from your garden yesterday! When you have set up your picnic, check you have counted everything out carefully.

Each teddy has 4 pieces of food, so how much food is there altogether? What do you need to do to work this out? Can you think of a way to show your thinking and how you have solved this problem?

For an extra challenge, download and print off Make Your Own Number 4.

Activity 3

Ask an adult to download and print off Ready Teddy Go.

It tells you exactly what to do on there. You will love it!!

Have fun with your learning today!

Don't forget, there are more links to home learning at the bottom of this page if you'd like to do more.



Monday 23rd November

Hello Reception Green. I hope you are all ok and that you had a lovely weekend.

There are 3 activities I'd like you to complete today please but first of all let's warm ourselves up with a 'Wake-Up, Shake-Up'!

1. Click on the link to watch the phonics video 


User name - williams

Password - tigger

2. Watch Number Blocks Number 4. When it has finished, ask an adult to download the Number 4 Powerpoint below and share it with you. 

Now have a look around the house and collect as many items as you can. Can you put your items into groups of 4? How many groups of 4 have you made? Do you have any items left over? If so how many? How many more do you need to collect to make 4?

3. Wrap up warm, go out into the garden and collect some leaves, twigs, stones and anything else you might find. Now see if you can make a picture. The more detailed and interesting the better. You could either make it outside or inside. Take a photo of your creation.

Don't forget there are plenty more activities for you to do on the Reception Home Learning pages. Please try and practise your phonics every day and count forwards and backwards from 0 to 20 just like we do in school. Click here for counting songs.

Also please practise writing your name with the correct letter formation. Remember only the first letter of your name has a capital letter, e.g. Bethany.

Have fun!!