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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together


Welcome to Reception


Reception have had a great time this week looking after our poorly animals in the vets.  They were kind and gentle and worked collaboratively sharing ideas and resources.

Our topic for this half term is' Ready, Steady Grow!

Our text linked to this topic is 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.

We are going to introduce our topic by discussing how we have changed since we were babies and compare what we can do now with what we could not do when were first born.

We will then be looking at what has changed outside as we move from winter into spring.

We will be learning about plants, trees and bushes and what they need to grow. We are very lucky to have our own raised bed where we will be planting seeds and bulbs to grow flowers and vegetables.  Why not have a good look around you when you are out and about and see if you can notice what is changing in the environment around us.

We will also be learning all about life cycles of flowers, frogs and butterflies.

We are also looking forward to using our Class Dojos to share learning and activities at school and at home.  Don't forget to log on to check your accounts for information about our brilliant learning.

What an exciting term we are going to have!

Have a look at our Reception Phonics Page and the information on Early Readers to help your child learn their phonics at home.

We will be uploading videos of the new sounds we will be learning each week. Please take a look at these videos to support your child.

j   v  w  x  y  z  qu  zz  ch  sh   th  ng  ai  ee  igh  oa oo for moon  oo for book  ar  or  ow  oi  air

Don't forget to log onto Oxford Reading Buddy to share books and develop comprehension skills with your child.


In Maths we will:

  • Continue to develop our subitising skills (being able to recognise numbers of things without counting)
  • Explore symmetrical patterns, linking this to doubles.
  • Continue to consolidate our understanding of number within 10
  • Become more familiar with the counting pattern beyond 20
  • Explore odd and even numbers, linking even numbers to doubles
  • Begin to explore the composition of numbers within 10
  • Compare numbers, recognising which is more and understanding their position on the number line

Below are links to help you and your child with their mathematical learning.

Subitising to 5 with Jack Hartman        Subitise to 10

Numberblocks Number 1                         Numberblocks Number 7

Numberblocks Number 2                         Numberblock Number 6

Number blocks Number 3                       Numberblocks Number 8

Numberblocks Number 4                        Numberblocks Number 9

Numberblocks Number 5                        Numberblocks Number10

If you need to contact your child's class teacher, please put messages

in the blue home-school diary.

Please follow our adventures - @WilliamShrews


Reception Green

  • Mrs J Pearson – class teacher and EYFS lead

Reception Blue

  • Mrs E Hardwick – class teacher

Reception Red

  • Mrs S Rawlings and Mrs Brown – class teacher.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Cartwright, Miss Jacobs, Mrs Smith and

Mrs Nobbs.

We are also supported by Mr Johnson, Miss Willingham, Mrs Swift, Mrs Mewis,

Mrs Heathcote and Mrs Beckwith  .

Useful information

Labelling Uniform

Please label all uniform so it can be returned to your child promptly.


We change for PE on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please make sure your child has a white T-shirt, a white pair of shorts and a pair of black elastic pumps in a PE bag which will be kept in school. Please name these items including the PE bag. 

Home School Diaries

Please can you send in your child's Home School Diary every day as we may need to send you a message.

Other Equipment

Please send in a named water bottle for your child everyday filled with fresh water only not juice as keeping hydrated is very good for young brains and good learning.  Also make sure your child has a waterproof coat in school everyday.  We try and use our outdoor area everyday even if it is a little cold, damp and blowy.

Reception Recommended Reads

We have a great selection of stories in our classrooms, especially for reception.  Have a look at link below to see some of the brilliant 50 Top reception reads you may want to share with your children.  Why not have a look at our reception teachers reading familiar stories in Reception Story Telling.

50 Top reception reads


Autumn Term

  • Marvellous Me!
  • Hello Autumn!
  • Let's Celebrate!

Spring Term

  • It's Cold Outside!
  • Ready, Steady, Grow! 

Summer Term

  • The Perfect Pet
  • Roar and Stomp!

At the very bottom of the page, you will find attachments to all our Reception topics, as well as some fun activities that you can complete at home with your child to help support their learning at this stage in the school year.   

Useful Websites

Phonicsplay  Username- williams 

                       Password - tigger



Phonic sounds

Hungry Little Minds