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Learning and Growing Together

School Council and Pupil Voice

School Council

What is a school council?

A school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. We have a KS1 Group and a KS2 Group.

KS2 School Council

What jobs are there?

At the beginning of the school year, every class elects one representative to be a member of the school council. The council then meet to elect officers such as:

* School Council Leaders
* Secretary

In our large school we run an infant council and a junior council. We meet together every 2-3 weeks.

How does the School Council work?

The School Council leaders lead the meetings. Class representatives or teachers bring issues to the School Council.

How can others raise an issue or idea?

Class representatives keep a note in their class school council book of any ideas given by the other children in their class and then raise these points at the following meeting.

How will others know what happened at the meetings?

Class representatives feed back to their class as soon as possible. There are minutes written up and put on the School Council board.

School Council Roles


  • Help to draw up agendas – all members can add to this up to two days before a meeting.
  • Take views of other Council members.
  • Give their views about matters being considered.


  • Take minutes of meetings.
  • Write any letters/communications.

Our School Council are a very important part of our school and help to continue to develop lots of different aspects of school life. All members can be identified by their proudly worn School Council badges. 

Some of the areas they were involved in last year are as follows:

* Made key decisions on playground markings
* Developed ideas to continue to develop outdoor equipment
* Decided on ways to update and improve our class points and behaviour systems
* Worked together to support the writing of our Golden Rules

Plus many more…

Key Stage 1


September 2016 KS1

There is also a School Council in KS1 where class representatives are given the opportunity to discuss things that matter to them.


We have chosen a new group of School Council members for 2016-7. There are 2 children representing each class in Year 1 and 2. These children will meet regularly with Mrs Hayden to talk about issues that affect infant children. We were very lucky to hold our meeting in the amazing Positive Play room. It was so exciting as we switched the lights on! We feel that this will be a good opportunity to share ideas and think about what school life is like for us on a daily basis. The School Council members know that other children from their class might ask them to bring an issue to the meeting. We will share the minutes form our meetings with each class.