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Wednesday 7th July 2021

Hello Reception Blue

How lovely to see so many on Zoom yesterday. I hope to see you again for another catch up and phonics lesson.  Further phonic practice for 'ow' can be found here. Try lots more fun games to help you with phonics at Phonics Play 

Username williams and pword tigger.

Start your day with our morning sentences and then try our new wake up shake up.

In maths today, we are looking at doubles again.  There are lots of fun activities for you to try.  Try subitising again as a warm up.  These get tricky, can you work them out?  Have a watch of Number blocks double trouble.

Try practising your phonics by putting our digraphs round the house.  Perhaps you might have to say them before you can go to the bathroom if they are on the bathroom door.  Just like a secret code.

Make sure you go on Oxford Reading Buddy.  We really want to be the class who reads the most.

I hope your dinosaur writing is going well.  If you have made a list perhaps you could make a plate of food for your dinosaur, a letter to your dinosaur asking them to tea, a menu or even have a tea party!  Why not join in our dinosaur action song.

After a very busy day, join Mrs Hardwick with a story.  One of our class favourites Hairy Maclary.

I've received  lots of amazing work from RB so please keep sending it to

Love Mrs Hardwick x