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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Year 1 SEND Home Learning


SEND Home Learning Ideas for Year 1


  • Practise number formation to 10 using; shaving foam, paint, flour, play dough, cornflour and water, coloured cooked spaghetti
  • Find/dig for numbers to 10; number hunt around the house/garden, number hidden in sand/shaving foam
  • Using paint, crayons, chalk, pencils and old wall paper to mark make and practise pencil grip to form numbers.
  • Oder numbers to 10


  • Hunt and say phase two letter sounds.
  • Match initial sounds to house objects
  • Match house objects to initial sounds
  • Create cvc words using magnetic letters or letter cards. Use picture prompts of (cat, dog, cup, mat, pop, can.. etc.)
  • Phonics speed trail game
  • Digging in the sand to find letters. Can you find the letter D for dragon


  • Practise letter formation using; shaving foam, paint, flour, playdough, cornflour and water, coloured cooked spaghetti.
  • Say and hold a simple sentence to describe what George looks like.
  • Say and hold a simple sentence to describe what the dragon looks like.


  • Explore (virtually) Windsor castle
  • Use junk modelling to create your own castle.
  • Use natural materials to create the tallest and strongest tower. Which material is better?
  • Listen to the Grande old Duke of York: March to the beat. Can you recite some of the poem
  • Play with small world castle, knight, dragon and dungeons

Sensory play:

  • homemade rubbery goop using bi-carbonate soda, water and flour)
  • Primary colour experiment using hands and big paper
  • Colourful spaghetti worms

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