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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Year 1 SEND Home Learning

Please find below activities that you can do with your child whilst they are at home self-isolating. 

Home Learning w/c: 23.11.20

Phonics - Letter recognition

To continue with letter recognition and improving fine motor development the children could: 

  • Match pictures of objects together (snap).
  • Use shaving foam for messy sensory play. 
  • Watch Jolly Phonics Video (Link).
  • Make big letters out of different objects.
  • Trace letters in different places using different materials. 

Story Sessions Week 2 - Creative based English sessions. 

To recap familiar stories please find below some creative based tasks that the children can work through linked to the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Please watch the animated film (Link). This story can be used to introduce lots of different tastes and textures to children through food tasting experiences. 

Story Session 1: Animal sounds. 

Story Session 2: Can you make a caterpillar?

Story Session 3: Make a fruit smoothie or try lots of different fruit based drinks. 

Mathematics - Shape and Fun! 

To continue the learning the children have been doing in school please follow the below example of maths. See 'attachments' at the bottom of the page for more maths activities. 


Topic / Science (The Seasons).

This week the children will be learning about different materials. These lessons are sensory focussed and are based around a 'hunt' style activity.  The children with guidance should be exposed to different materials within the house and explore using their senses.

Please use the video lesson below for guidance.