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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Staff

Class 2G: Miss Perry and Mrs Burke. 

Class 2B: Mrs Hayden and Mrs Tricker

Class 2R: Mrs Wright and Mrs Milton


We have had a fabulous start to the new academic year. All children have settled in well to their new classrooms. We are very excited for the year ahead!

Thank you to everybody who has brought in their 'Big Building' family projects. They are amazing! We have enjoyed sharing these in class. We will still welcome any other projects during this half term. 


Please ensure your child brings a named water bottle each day.

Please ensure all uniform and PE kits are clearly named. Your child will need an indoor and an outdoor PE kit. Any old joggers, jumpers, and trainers will be fine to use. 

Reading -We recommend that your child changes their reading at least once a week. It is great that some children are changing their books more frequently. Look out for our new class story sacks which might be coming home with you soon! 

Spellings - A weekly list of spellings will be sent home on a Friday for the following Friday. 

Maths - If we feel your child needs specific support on a concept we will send something home to help.

This week in Year 2


What a week we have had with a Non FictionText about Jelly Fish. We have become experts on these strange creatures. We know that they are one of the few creatures that were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Did you know that Jelly Fish do not have brains, or hearts, or bones or eyes? Many of them have strong, poisonous tentacles that they use to sting their prey. We learned that turtles eat jelly fish.

A group of Jelly Fish is called a bloom.

Image result for jelly fish

We have learned all about David Attenborough and we have written a script for him to read. We have watched Blue Planet 2 and the children loved it. 


This has been a week of Fidgety Fish!!! We have worked on this book by Ruth Galloway and we have been dipping and diving and darting and leaping and gliding and wriggling and learning the differences between all these verbs.

Image result for fidgety fish

We watched an amazing video of under the sea and were fascinated by the mottled sea turtle gliding gently through the blue, crystal ocean and the huge, flat ray that flapped and flipped over the coral.

This week we have all been art critics and it was great to see all the different works by the different artists. We looked at:

Raina Goran

Maggi Hambling

Peder Blake

William Turner

At this moment there is no agreement by the whole class about who was best - which is great as art means different things to different people!

Lots of us worked with our parents on Reading activities on Wednesday at our workshop!

Keep asking those questions!

Lots of people have been trying to fill each other's buckets and this is great!




What a busy week!

We have been busy working on the text Pirate House Swap by Abi Longstaff. We learned quite a bit about pirates that we didn't know before!

Image result for pirate house swap

Did you know that pirates never used treasure maps? 

Did you know that there was no famous pirate that had a wooden leg or a hook for a hand?!! We were quite suprised by that!

We decided life for pirates was quite hard. We don't think pirates filled many buckets because basically they were robbers that travelled by sea. There are still pirates travelling the seas near Africa today but they don't have bandanas or tricorne hats.

Pirates used to think that whistling on ship could cause a storm!! We don't think that sounds very scientific!

In PE we all tried to design and run our own games with equipment. We had to negotiate with the other children in our group to get a decision. This was quite difficult as we all had different ideas but we learned to give everyone a chance to speak and make suggestions.

In Apple Assembly we watched the Bucket Filling Story again and next week we will be getting the first 'Bucket Filling Certificates'. I wonder who will get one first?


Happy New Year!!!

Image result for fergus the sea dog

What a cold and wet start to the new year we have had! We don't mind though because it has been great to see all of our friends and teachers after a busy holiday.

Lots of the children have been telling us all about some lovely family times you have all shared.

We have settled straight back to work and the children have worked very hard on writing, spelling, reading and maths.

They have also written new year resolutions!

Have you filled a Bucket Today??

It has been great fun hearing about all the bucket filling activities that have been going on at home. If you have not yet seen the story on You Tube please have a look! It's not too late to send in your projects.


PE Days. 

All of Year 2: Monday- Indoor PE

2G: Tuesday- Outdoor PE

2R and 2B: Wednesday- Outdoor PE

Please can earrings be removed or ensure your child is able to do this independently. 

Useful Websites. 



Phonics play

Oxford Reading Owl Library

ICT English

h Games




Maths Games

BBC Bitesize

Topmarks Maths