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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
Primary School
Learning and Growing Together

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

During the present school shutdown, all children have been provided with a school Google login and password. This is in the form of, where 'a' is their first initial and 'other' is their surname. This will allow them to login to and access the Year 5 class on the school's Google Classroom:

Here you can see posts from the teachers (and respond with comments as needed).


Try to do these activities in small bursts and not all at once. It is OK to give yourself breaks and get some fresh air. You may have other learning opportunities at home that you don't usually have the chance to do and that's great! Any additional home learning time should be spent on art, design projects, investigations, gardening, baking, playing board games, working on their passions and generally spending quality time with their families. It is more important that the children feel comfortable and secure in this difficult time than that they complete school work, so please don't push them too hard. There are also some other useful links here you might like to use to help your learning...most of these activities you can do on your own, once you've got started!  Have fun!


Username: student27621   Password: coding


You can also practise your times tables on TTrockstars: 

Reading is also really important. Try to read for a short while everyday, either by yourself, or aloud to a family member - try to improve your 'performance voice'!

We are NOT expecting children to submit work, though they may like to share with us and one another how they are getting on by commenting on the assignments. We also don't expect children to work through the Easter break and will accordingly set no work for this period. 

If you need to contact your child’s class teacher please use the class email service that has been set up:  Mrs Brampton and Mrs Griffiths. Mr Randles. Mrs Dagnall.

Good Luck with your home learning Year 5 and we really hope to see you soon!! 

Mrs Brampton, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Dagnall and Mr Randles.