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William Shrewsbury Primary School
William Shrewsbury
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Learning and Growing Together

Year 6       

Welcome to the Year 6 Information page

Dear children and parents,

Thank you for bearing with us while we have been sorting out home learning properly today. From tomorrow (Wednesday 6th January), the home learning will be set on Google Classroom on a daily basis - you will find a separate assignment for each day of the week - make sure the children log on and check Google Classroom every morning (the assignment will be posted at 8am). Each day will have a schedule to follow which key worker's children in school will also be following. It will begin with an independent reading task, then we will have a daily Zoom meeting (10-11am, details will be in the assignment) to give children a chance to ask for help with anything they have struggled with, to do some maths teaching and to go through what we want them to do in the afternoon. It is important that the children join us on the Zoom call (they need to have an adult within earshot of them at home) and try to do as many of these activities as they can so we can keep up with what we are supposed to be doing. For much of the work, we will be posting answers so children can self-mark, so they won't need to submit their work to us. If children do want us to see what they've been doing and ask for support, then please e-mail a photo of the work to the teachers who have been Zooming that week - the other teachers will be teaching in school and will not be able to reply. If we do need children to submit their work for certain assignments, we will make that clear to them in the task.

In general, please e-mail teachers (addresses at the bottom of this page) rather than commenting on threads in the Google classroom if you need support as we are more likely to be able to reply to you quickly in that case.

Stay well, work hard and we look forward to seeing you when we can all be back together again.

Your Year 6 Teachers 


There are a number of other resources here on the year group webpage and on Google classroom which can help your child with their learning and organisation:

  • we will be posting Knowledge Mats for our Spring topics in the links to the left as we begin the units - for now the Autumn 2 Mats are still relevant as we are finishing topics begun before Christmas. These are a useful resource for you to discuss your child's learning with them at  home and will continue to be updated as the year progresses.
  • our Meet the Teacher presentation can also be found in the links to the left and, with your child's Google classroom login, you will be able to view a video of the teachers talking through it.
  • Recommended Reads for Year 6 are also posted in the links to the left.
  • Homework for this term (at least), including this term's spelling words to learn, is all being posted on Google Classroom (information about accessing it can be found below). Children should be learning their spellings and completing both Reading and Maths homework every week, ready to go through them with their teacher and have a spelling test on Friday. We recommend that they attempt their homework early in the week so that they can ask us for support in plenty of time if needed. Please do not send your child in with their completed homework, nor does it need to be submitted electronically. If you want to review their work with them at home, answers will be posted at the end of each week.
  • in the event that your child needs to stay at home, awaiting a COVID-19 test result or self-isolating, you will also find Home Learning tasks on our Google Classroom. If your child is well enough to do them, these will help them to keep up with the rest of their class in English, Maths and our Foundation Subjects.

We hope that you and your children will find these resources helpful to support them with their learning. If you have any difficulties accessing them, then please contact us via email on the following addresses: (6B) (6G) or (6R)

                                       Best wishes from The Year 6 Team

(Mrs Wellman, Mr Riley, Mrs Poynton, Dr Welchman, 

Mrs Stanyon, Mrs Beckwith and Mrs Herbert)


Accessing Google Classroom for homework and home learning tasks: all children have been provided with a school Google login and password. This is in the form of, where 'a' is their first initial and 'other' is their surname. This will allow them to login to and access the Year 6 class on the school's Google Classroom:

Here they can see posts from the teachers (and respond with comments as needed).

If you click on Classwork at the top of the screen (as shown above), you will find weekly assignments for Maths and English homework as well as home learning tasks provided for any children needing to self-isolate.