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Year 6       

Welcome to the Year 6 Information page

Summer half-term 2020: We're all really proud of how well our Year 6 children have been coping during this extended period of isolation, getting on with their Home Learning tasks, helping out their families at home and keeping themselves safe - well done! We're also really excited to have many of them back with us at school after the half-term, albeit in a rather different way from what we're used to. We know that the children will all pull together to help us make the best of things and we're looking forward to helping them make sure they are ready for the transition to secondary school, both in terms of their learning and their emotional preparedness. We hope to be having a virtual visit from the staff at De Ferrers and a virtual tour of their campus as well as doing lots of PSHE work to help the children feel ready for their next step. 

While we are not setting any Home Learning for half-term, we are asking all the children to complete an All About Me questionnaire. This will help us to get re-aquainted with the children we will be teaching, giving us an initial understanding of their experiences during lockdown, and providing useful additional information about their interests and strengths which we can share with their future schools:

All About Me (Word format)                                All About Me (PDF format)

We would be most grateful if the children could fill one of these forms in over half-term and return it to their teachers either through Google classroom or via the relevant class e-mail addresses here:                                 (Mrs Wellman)                                 (Mr Riley)                                   (Mrs Poynton/Dr Welchman)

Thank you, parents, for the amazing work you've done keeping your children safe, secure and happy during this challenging time and for all the support you've given them with their Home Learning.

                                                  Best wishes from The Year 6 Team




Accessing Google Classroom for home learning: all children have been provided with a school Google login and password. This is in the form of, where 'a' is their first initial and 'other' is their surname. This will allow them to login to and access the Year 6 class on the school's Google Classroom:

Here you can see posts from the teachers (and respond with comments as needed).

If you click on Classwork at the top of the screen (as shown above), you will find weekly assignments for reading and writing:

Open these for an explanation from the teachers as to what we want your child to be working on that week and scroll down for any relevant attachments and links:

You will find also Maths revision and White Rose maths links. Your child can work through these at their own pace, focusing on the target areas identified for them at parent's evening.

We would anticipate that while working from home, Year 6 children spend roughly an hour per weekday on each of Maths, Reading and Writing. Any additional home learning time should be spent on art, design projects, investigations, gardening, baking, playing board games, working on their passions and generally spending quality time with their families. It is more important that the children feel comfortable and secure in this difficult time than that they complete school work, so please don't push them too hard. A schedule may be useful for some children who need more structure in their day, but you know your child best and are best placed to decide how much they should be doing and when.

We are NOT expecting children to submit work, though they may like to share with us and one another how they are getting on by commenting on the assignments. We also don't expect children to work through the Easter break and will accordingly set no work for this period. 

If your child is struggling with anything they are being asked to do, they can use the People tab to write an e-mail to their teacher(s) who will be checking their messages regularly during term-time:

Finally, if your child is unable to access the Google classroom for any reason, please e-mail their class teacher on the following addresses for assistance:                                 (Mrs Wellman)                                 (Mr Riley)                                   (Mrs Poynton/Dr Welchman)

We very much hope to have the pleasure of your children's company again before the end of the academic year but until then stay safe and well and look after each other.

                                             the Year 6 team





Mrs Wellman    Mr Riley     Mrs Poynton     Dr Welchman

Mrs Stanyon, Mrs Beckwith and Mrs Herbert


Homework in year 6 is a piece of English and Maths each week as well as spellings for a weekly test on a Friday. Homework is linked to class work and will assist in your child's learning.

Homework is given on a weekly basis. Please ensure your child completes this and returns it on the due date. If your child misplaces their homework, a copy can be found in their English or Maths classroom.

Indoor PE is on Wednesday for 6G and 6R and Friday for 6B. Please remember kits (white t-shirt and white shorts) and also that kits should be clearly named. Games is on Tuesday for all three classes.